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‘Executive Loneliness’ author Nick Jonsson on building an executive peer networking organisation to address depression at work A global network encourages executives to talk openly about the challenges they face at work, instead of suffering in silence.

THE BRAND CALLED YOU Podcast: Benefits of Peer Networking

New episode of THE BRAND CALLED YOU podcast is now released. Episode Title: Benefits of Peer Networking | Nick Jonsson, Co-Founder and MD, Executives Global Network EGN In this episode, the host, Ashutosh Garg was joined by Nick Jonsson to share his insights about...

Business Times View: Musings on a Brand New Year

EGN’s Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, was featured in The Business Times Views From The Top yesterday alongside other executives in Singapore, who have shared their thoughts as to what could eventuate in 2022.

Joanna Flinn in PORTFOLIO Magazine Singapore: Outlook 2022 Series

Our Chair of Sustainability and Leadership, Joanne FLINN – the Strategic Sustainability Specialist, was featured in Portfolio Magazine Singapore‘s Outlook 2022 series on how the pandemic has restored our faith in the indomitable human spirit. Read about her...

The TechLink Health Podcast: Perspectives on executive wellbeing

Listen to the latest The TechLink Health Podcast hosted by Justine Reiss featuring Nick Jonsson on their Episode: Perspectives on executive wellbeing. This episode covers the topic, and more, ranging from expat living to the power of meditative wearables and apps...

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