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What is EGN?

We can offer you a professional network where the value is found in the way that you use it.
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By becoming an EGN member, you are joining a global network of leaders with a shared ambition of making each other better – every day. You will also gain exclusive opportunities to hone your leadership skills, strengthen your professional toolbox, and gain new insights for the benefit of yourself and your company.

Each EGN confidential peer group is carefully curated by our specialised consultants to ensure you meet the right people, and it is facilitated by our experienced and continuously-trained EGN Chairs.

More Reasons To Become a Member of EGN

Members’ Universe

This is an ever-growing community of over 16,000 experts and it features a global query function, in-app messaging, virtual EGN groups, and a major e-book library with approximately 200 resources.

Grow with the Network

As you develop professionally, your needs may change. As an EGN member, you can switch to another peer group that better matches your career challenges and needs at any time.

Exclusive Events & Seminars

Events and seminars are conducted in all markets to engage, learn, and grow within and across the established peer network.

EGN Insights

Gain access to our thought leadership insights which include e-books, learning tools, articles, member best practices, and many more.

Business Benefits

Upskill key employees, gain insights into the latest market trends and tools, and gain access to a confidential ‘board of advisors’ via each EGN peer group and a global pool of experts.

Over 16,000 Happy EGN Members

Participating in EGN gives me great opportunities to learn from peers for their perspectives and views.

I have been working for 9 years in my current company, GLP. Working for long in one company, I may have been stuck in thinking with only one perspective, although the company is international and fast growing.

As leader, I believe it is always important to be highly perceptive, having a high cognition for what’s happening outside of our own industry. EGN is a perfect opportunity to do so through Networking with various leaders.

Toyoyuki Ushioda

Senior Vice President, GLP

Over 16,000 Happy EGN Members

The learning and networking opportunities that EGN provides are immensely beneficial to my professional growth. It is a well-run organisation that provides the participants with the best experience possible by bringing peers together in a safe and conducive platform to share knowledge and best practices. The success of EGN is in its ability to harness the collective experience of the group and co-create new strategies for any challenges, making this most valuable given such unprecedented times.

Rebecca Chan

Head of HR, SEA, Thomson Reuters

Over 16,000 Happy EGN Members

EGN provides me inspiration, sharing of best practices, sparring partners positively challenging each other: personal connection and interaction, triggering out-of-the-box thinking: and last but not least, personal and professional growth. So, every now and then, it is crucial to take out some time and turn towards nurturing your career, which is as important as excelling in your job. From my experience, making networking and human connection a priority pays back big time in the long run.

Aline Anliker

Director Group Marketing, DKSH

Over 16,000 Happy EGN Members

Networking and sharing experiences amongst peers is a critical part of our personal and professional lives. EGN provides a great opportunity with a strong and expansive network giving insight into trends.

Tapping into the collective knowledge and enthusiasm of EGN’s peer groups has been extremely powerful, especially when EGN offers a safe place to float new ideas and collaborate with people who have similar goals. Its also a great platform for meaningful professional friendships!

Lakshmi Murlidharan

Sales Director Corporate Accounts, Hays

Over 16,000 Happy EGN Members

EGN is not just a professional network, but a community of like-minded people, a source of inspiration, challenges, and meaningful personal connections.

At times, I find myself in situations that have been tackled already by other members, or at other times I contribute with my insights. This kind of dynamic helps each of us to progress, feel supported and grow stronger together.

Giacomo Rinaldi

Regional Director, APAC, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme

Meet Jasper Bouman

As the Community Growth Director with EGN (Executives’ Global Network) Indonesia, Jasper is passionate about matching senior executives in confidential peer groups where they can help each other face challenges and identify opportunities.

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