Thank you to the great number of EGN, Executives’ Global Network, Singapore members that responded to our survey last week. Our results were mentioned in an article on CNA.

“A more recent poll this month on the members of EGN, a network of professionals and business leaders, found that among knowledge workers 35.5 per cent would be returning to the workplace after Aug 18, while 22.5 per cent would not be. Another 28.3 per cent were unsure and said “maybe”.
The survey, which had about 140 respondents, focused on knowledge workers as they are a primary group of workers who can work from home.

The survey also said that a small proportion of respondents (8 per cent) had employers who are mandating their staff members be vaccinated before returning to the office. Most, or 83.3 per cent, did not face such a requirement.”

Discover more on the article here: Workers to start returning to offices as COVID-19 restrictions ease for workplaces – CNA (