The XL Podcast by Graham Brown featuring Nick Jonsson
September 26, 2021
News & Media, Podcast

91% of Singaporeans report feeling stressed. But it’s not just an Asian phenomenon. Globally, we are beginning to have the conversation about mental health and how we’re all affected in some way. The UK appointed its first suicide minister in 2018. And, in Australia, the biggest cause of death for males aged 15-44 is suicide. Cleary something is wrong, and we need to talk.

In today’s XL Podcast, we turn our attention away from leadership to the leaders themselves. Quite often those who society upholds as the paragon of success – leaders, athletes, actors – are the ones who suffer the most. Sure, we all face our own daily problems, but perhaps for those who achieve success, we are quick to denounce their vulnerability as complaining. That’s why many executives feel trapped – on the one hand they experience the pressures of maintaining their jobs and personal lives, on the other they feel unable to talk about these issues to others for fear of being seen as weak.

In this conversation, Nick doesn’t shy away from the issue. We talk suicide, alcoholism and relationships. We learn how taking life to the edge of the precipice and staring down at the void gave Nick the energy to turn this dark chapter in his journey into something more meaningful – how could he help others? how could he give prominence to the unheard conversation?

80% of execs report feeling they are unable to talk about mental health issues, loneliness and depression. Let’s change that.

Listen to the full interview below

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