Exposing Executive Loneliness
July 6, 2021

Listen to the podcast of our Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, featuring evolvepreneur.club

Some key topics covered in this podcast include:

  • In 2019 you started raising awareness on the invisible struggle faced by many executives around the globe, which is executive loneliness. What were your inspirations to propel this awareness campaign?
  • How is executive loneliness different to everyday loneliness that any of us may experience?
  • What unique insights and discoveries have you uncovered in the process of exploring this issue?
  • In your opinion, where we can go from here: What are some of the things that are working? What are the things that could work better? At a personal level? At an organizational level.

Listen to the full episode here https://evolvepreneur.club/podcast/episode/ep65-nick-jonsson-exposing-executive-loneliness
Or watch the video version here: