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Being able to go externally to someone that you know in a similar role who is very successful at what they are doing is one of the resources offers. Often it’s difficult to get advice and support internally or from friends. offers you access to like minded peers at your level.

Fraser Morrison

CEO and Founder,1000Steps-Corporate Sales Modelling

I certainly think it’s beneficial to speak to other leaders as opposed to just speaking to people within your own company all of the time. I also benefit from hearing different perspectives and I don’t know if it’s necessarily lonely at the top but certainly not if you’re a member of EGN.

Kathryn Sloane

Executive Managing Director, Commercial APAC MEA , SGK

What I like about EGN is the fact that it’s cross industry. I’m a big believer that to learn, to expand, and to grow you need to pick from other industries and I think EGN is already doing this very well.

Omar Hadoui

Managing Director, APAC, BI Worldwide

It is really powerful, I can say that I have been 6 months at EGN and I learned much more than what I learned in the last 3 years on my living here in Singapore.

Wagner Turri

Director, OEM Sales Asia, Hypertherm (S) Pte. Ltd

EGN is a really good platform to bounce ideas of other peers. I must say that I have met many genuine ladies and men at EGN’s cross functional events that add real value to my business.

Denise Kwok

Social Entrepreneur, LetXGig

As an EGN member, a leader can do cutting-edge networking and participate in events that are the perfect combination of quality content and contact with admirable professionals.

Roberto Martins

Country General Manager, Brink's Singapore

I love being part of EGN. I get so much out of the interaction and group discussions. So much to think about both in and out of the Hot Seat!
Glen McFarlane

Client Director - ASEAN, HCL Software

EGN provides me inspiration, sharing of best practices, sparring partners positively challenging each other; personal connection and interaction, triggering out-of-the-box thinking; and last but not least, personal and professional growth. So, every now and then, it is crucial to take out some time and turn towards nurturing your career, which is as important as excelling in your job. From my experience, making networking and human connection a priority pays back big time in the long run.

Aline Anliker

Director Group Marketing, DKSH

Being a part of EGN events, the pleasure was mine. In these hectic times we are living, I think EGN brings professional sunshine and fun in our lives and I am very happy that I joined it.

I am looking forward too for next events and opportunity to have a chat and coffee together.

Octavian Popa

Regional Finance Director Asia-Pacific and Japan, Organon Pharmaceuticals

Networking and sharing experiences amongst peers is a critical part of our personal and professional lives. EGN provides a great opportunity with a strong and expansive network giving insight into trends.

Tapping into the collective knowledge and enthusiasm of EGN’s peer groups has been extremely powerful, especially when EGN offers a safe place to float new ideas and collaborate with people who have similar goals. Its also a great platform for meaningful professional friendships!

Lakshmi Murlidharan

Sales Director Corporate Accounts, Hays

I like the new ideas I get from other EGN Singapore members as it really opens my mind and improves my knowledge. One of the topics from the peer group meeting was focused on using AI for the business. During the session, I learnt how to get more qualified leads for the sales team. I immediately brought the idea back to my company and drafted a proposal for my boss and they liked it as well!

Keith Mun Keat Chong

APAC Head of Commercial Marketing, Merck Life Science

Before I joined EGN Singapore, I felt like I needed to broaden my network. I wanted to connect with senior business leaders and see if there are things we can do together. I am currently working with a number of people that I have met in EGN on common engagement towards an end customer, and also with some of the members who are interested in the services that my company offers.

Christophe Derdeyn

Managing Director, Delaware Asia-Pacific

Most training and networking events that I used to attend in the past, were essentially either in the same industry or same functional expertise. I like the strong leadership theme with EGN Singapore, where we are focused on leadership across diverse industries. I get exposure to ideas outside of what I would normally hear about!

Eileen Lau

Managing Director & Head, Corporate Communications, ING Bank Asia

I have known Nick since 2016, through his role as MD of EGN Singapore. Nick exudes dynamic and client centric leadership in managing EGN Singapore. He has always been prompt and professional in understanding members’ needs/challenges. Simultaneously Nick had been successful in introducing new formats, concepts and impressive guest speakers for EGN sessions. Nick’s communication style is very effective for APAC cultural backdrop. I look forward to our continued professional collaboration here in Singapore for coming years.

Farzana Shubarna


EGN is not just a professional network, but a community of like-minded people, a source of inspiration, challenges, and meaningful personal connections.

At times, I find myself in situations that have been tackled already by other members, or at other times I contribute with my insights. This kind of dynamic helps each of us to progress, feel supported and grow stronger together.

Giacomo Rinaldi

Regional Director, APAC, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme

The learning and networking opportunities that EGN provides are immensely beneficial to my professional growth. It is a well-run organisation that provides the participants with the best experience possible by bringing peers together in a safe and conducive platform to share knowledge and best practices.

The success of EGN is in its ability to harness the collective experience of the group and co-create new strategies for any challenges, making this most valuable given such unprecedented times.

Rebecca Chan

Head of HR,SEA, Thomson Reuters

Today I joined my first peer networking session by EGN Singapore for SME leaders. It was a great session sharing with and hearing from fellow business leaders on how we define our purpose, what are some key challenges, and how we can achieve our purpose. Looking forward to engaging more in this community.

Jared Theodore Yeo

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The Global Citizen Singapore

I really appreciate what EGN and their team have provided for us. I have joined a few different networking groups before but EGN has the best SOP, backend support, system, and value created for their members. I just want to thank you guys!
Percy Hung

Co-Founder & CEO, Choco Up

I have been a member of EGN Singapore for the past 3 years. I personally feel that the network is wonderful and benefits my professional and leadership development. Through the meetings, I have the opportunity to meet and network with senior executives within the Singapore region and we share best practices with each other.

Sujit Radhakrishnan

HR Director - Asia & Country Head INDITEX SG, Al-Futtaim

Truly grateful to be a part of this special network. Very warm and authentic energy. The connection, sharing, being and knowing one another was way above what I could have ever expected on a first meeting.

Avni Martin

Director of Training & Coaching, Martin Consulting & Coaching Solutions

I have recently joined EGN and have been able to witness the workings and how it value adds me. The team does a great job and it is so different from other networking groups!

Mario Favaits

SVP Global IoT Sales, IOTech Systems

Thanks all for a great session today and the amazing sharing. A special thanks to Wesley for kicking off a fantastic hot seat with so much relevance for everyone in the room, and to our chair, Lisa, for an amazing job of leading such a wild bunch through the meeting and sticking to the times! Can’t wait for the next EGN SME session and I’m looking forward to connecting with many of you in the coming weeks.

Maarten Van Den Bos

Owner & Director, Bright Forever Consultants

Participating in EGN gives me great opportunities to learn from peers for their perspectives and views.

I have been working for 9 years in my current company, GLP. Working for long in one company, I may have been stuck in thinking with only one perspective, although the company is international and fast growing.

As leader, I believe it is always important to be highly perceptive, having a high cognition for what’s happening outside of our own industry. EGN is a perfect opportunity to do so through Networking with various leaders.

Toyoyuki Ushioda


I would strongly recommend EGN Singapore to any senior executive looking to expand their network significantly in Singapore and SEA. The peer group meetings are very informative as I get to learn new skills and gain insights from peers in my field of business. The Hot Seat is also a great way to share challenges in a confidential forum and in return, you receive expert opinions and solutions when the other members share their own opinions and experiences.

Daniël Heerkens

Regional Managing Director, 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency

As I returned to Singapore after being away for 3.5 years, I was keen to get involved and plugged into a network of professionals that was authentic & meaningful with none of the fanfare associated with some of the notable & perhaps more well-known groups. As I reflect on the past year of being a member, it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2020.

One unique aspect of EGN that I probably appreciate the most – it consists of a diverse group of individuals coming together to share best practices & experiences selflessly as well as to learn new things. There is a lot of encouragement and positivity. The content that is curated is rich and varied. It is a great platform for collaboration and support for its members!

Rajiv Ramani

Group Chief Financial Officer, Luxasia

Besides strengthening my business connection, EGN helps me to ensure my “reality testing” process continuously takes place through exchanging information on challenges and experiences of other leaders, and gain new insights that I may not have otherwise thought of – which is essential to advance my profession.

Joanna Yordan

Senior Principal, Korn Ferry

The learning and knowledge sharing at EGN Singapore are phenomenal! I really enjoy the multitude of programs and keynote speakers that are brought in. There is a world of wisdom out there for you with the perfect match and synergy in the discussions. Don’t waste any more time, just join!

Brahmananda Sharma

Cluster Head, SEA, ECU Worldwide

The learning and knowledge sharing at EGN Singapore are phenomenal! I really enjoy the multitude of programs and keynote speakers that are brought in. There is a world of wisdom out there for you with the perfect match and synergy in the discussions. Don’t waste any more time, just join!

Brahmananda Sharma

Cluster Head, SEA, ECU Worldwide

Since Nick came on to EGN in Singapore you could see that he really wanted to grow the group and cares about the group’s needs and goes out of his way to deliver. A good listener, Nick is always engaging and making sure no one is left out. Nick has done a wonderful job with both the focus and cross-functional groups. Using personal experience to further enhance what EGN and its members can bring to the table. It has been my pleasure and honour to get to know Nick and I am excited to see what he brings to the table next.

Deborah Anderson - Andres

Pelican Consulting

I joined EGN in 2016 and found it thoroughly engaging through the wide network and focus groups they have established. I found Nick Jonsson an excellent MD as he has ensured the Membership & Discussion Topics are relevant and thought provoking.

I learnt a lot from how other organizations approach similar opportunities and problems that I would not have been able to gain elsewhere to which I integrated to some level in my own work environment. Thank you for the EGN experience Nick !

Steven Marangos

Huntsman Corporation

I found my 4 years in the Network very rewarding and very much appreciate the time and effort that you have personally invested in making that happen. The variety of topics covered in the Network-wide breakfast meetings was greatly appreciated.

Leslie Whiteford

Bendigo Partners

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Over 15,000 Happy EGN Members

At EGN, you are not only part of a larger professional network, but you are also part of smaller cohorts where you can interact and learn more from each other. Often this happens through executive leadership meetings, cross-functional events, seminars and general networking events. This has really helped me to widen my professional network and also learn a lot of management ideas and topics, in addition to making some new friends. I was able to take some good inspiration from that to apply to my own company

Anand Narayanan

President – CEO Asia Pacific, d&b audiotechnik

Over 15,000 Happy EGN Members

By belonging to a Confidential Peer Group in EGN, I get to meet face-to-face with my sustainable development group and exchange ideas and best practices among those present. We also have topics laid out for the entire year in advance that we debate rigorously, as well as guest speakers and subject matter experts who can help us navigate difficult approaches in a rational manner. The networking meetings help us to meet people from other EGN groups as well – your network grows exponentially when you are an EGN member.

Abe Jacob

Chief FutureProofist, FutureProof Global

Over 15,000 Happy EGN Members

As leaders, you have your own networks that allow you to gain external insights, and what EGN did for me is to widen and deepen my understanding of topics by introducing me to individuals that might have answers to questions I have as well as connecting me to resources.

Chris Siem

GBS Regional Lead (Directorate) APAC, Inchcape plc

Over 15,000 Happy EGN Members

As the regional marketing director for Connell, I have to be up to date on so many aspects of marketing. I always gain a lot of knowledge from the sharing of other marketing peers at EGN. In this fast paced digital world, you may not be doing everything, but it’s important to know what’s going on, and learn from the experts in different industries. This helps to broaden and accelerate my learning, and not just limited to my own experiences.

Hazleena Hashim

Regional Director, Marketing – Food & Pharmaceutical, Connell

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