THE BRAND CALLED YOU Podcast: Benefits of Peer Networking
January 28, 2022

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New episode of THE BRAND CALLED YOU podcast is now released.

Episode Title: Benefits of Peer Networking | Nick Jonsson, Co-Founder and MD, Executives Global Network EGN

In this episode, the host, Ashutosh Garg was joined by Nick Jonsson to share his insights about the Benefits of Peer Networking.

“Networking, they say, is about planting relationships. Today’s guest, Mr. Nick Jonnson, who runs a networking organization talks about specializing in peer small groups. He is the founder and managing director of Executives’ Global Network, Singapore. Uniquely, he also aims to help alleviate the loneliness that usually comes to people at the top. He is an author, speaker, athlete, and mental health educator. Driven by a mission, he works relentlessly to remove the stigma associated with mental health in workplaces.”

Listen to the Podcast featuring Nick Jonsson here: