From Survivor to Thriver Podcast by Erik DaRosa featuring Nick Jonsson
December 8, 2021

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Listen to the latest From Survivor to Thriver Podcast by Erik DaRosa, MBA, who hosted Nick Jonsson on their Episode 38 – Nick Jonsson: If we can talk to each other, miracles are possible.

Nick, Founder and Managing Director of Executives’ Global Network (EGN) Singapore, is dedicated to raising awareness and eliminating the stigma around the phenomenon of executive loneliness. He made this his life’s work following the suicide of a close friend. Now in his third year of recovery, Nick has identified that feelings of isolation and depression – personal struggles that he, himself, has had to grapple with and conquer – are much more widespread than we may think. He covers a wide range of topics and offers thoughtful suggestions in dealing with “smiling depression” and executive loneliness, including discussing the intersection of imposter syndrome and shame and the fear some have of being found out in the workplace and, potentially, losing their jobs. Today, he loves working with professionals and community members alike to offer support and empower them to share their personal struggles and heal.

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Listen to the full interview below:

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