The xMonks Drive Podcast: Dealing with Executive Loneliness
April 13, 2022

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Nick Jonsson is the Co-founder & MD at EGN Singapore & Indonesia, Asia’s #1 Executive Peer Network, a best-selling author, and is Singapore’s top 100 Entrepreneur 2021 Winner. When he won the Entrepreneurs 100 Award 2021: Singapore’s Emerging Entrepreneurs of the year, he felt honoured to achieve this success by living a life that is driven by a mission.

As a global thought leader on the subject of well-being, he began his mission of helping to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health in workplaces worldwide. Since then, as an author of Amazon’s Number 1 International Bestselling book in Mental Health, titled Executive Loneliness, he has been featured in many national newspapers, magazines, and on international television and radio stations. On World Kindness Day 2021, he was named one of Asia Pacific’s 50 Leading Lights.

As Founder & Managing Director of EGN (Executives’ Global Network) Singapore, he lead a team that promotes meaningful professional relationships by matching senior executives in confidential peer groups where they can help each other both face personal and professional challenges and identify opportunities for growth.

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