It’s Lonely At The Top: How To Prevent Isolation For Your Senior Executives, JUL 16, 2019
July 16, 2019

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Executives leading multinational corporations of Asia Pacific can feel alienated from their headquarters, especially when their HQ fails to appreciate the unique challenges they face when working in a foreign country.

Singapore hosts more than 37,000 international companies with more than half operating their Asia-Pacific businesses from the city-state. Although Singapore is a great country with excellent medical care and education, it ranks poorly on maintaining work-life balance which can take a toll on many executives’ mental well-being.


Singapore presents executives with a high standard of living, ease of access to the rest of Asia, excellent medical care and great (if costly) education for kids. One key area where Singapore rates poorly on international rankings is work-life balance.

Published on Human Resources Online, JUL 16, 2019


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