Priceless Connections, Inspiring Interactions
July 27, 2021

It is the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic and it has dire effects on businesses and individuals in Singapore. The tight border closure has been particularly difficult for me personally, because of the time and distance away from my son, Percy. However, I was able to fly back to Sweden to be with him in May.

It is indeed wonderful to reconnect with my son again and we make the best of every moment we can. In fact, we had fun visiting Kalmar Castle in our hometown and enjoyed Percy’s favourite Thai food together. Many things might have changed during the pandemic but connections like this remain steadfast, perhaps even stronger than before. Relations between one another are so important, like the people we associate with at work and in our daily lives. While connections as such are critically afflicted by the need for social distancing, lockdowns, hygiene regulations, and so on, the emerging technologies and innovations have made it possible for people to connect and reconnect effectively.

EGN is a peer networking platform for senior business leaders, leading entrepreneurs, and top executives – I cannot stress enough the importance of human connections. Therefore, we are open to exploring the new norms of bringing people together and maneuver through challenging times. I am pleased that despite the challenges, our memberships are increasing, more leaders are chairing our meetings and top executives from various industries are sharing their professional experiences through sharing, learning, conversing, and meeting online. With many people working from home nowadays, we are creating value through networking again. While we are embracing the online model and conducting our networking events online, we are open to in-person meetings that are limited to 50 members each session. Of course, safety precautions are implemented, such as enhanced cleaning of meeting space and seat arrangements that allow interactions while maintaining a safe distance. Members must also self-protect by wearing masks, use sanitisers and other hygiene kits available when attending the meetings.


At EGN, we put together the right people in the group that can challenge, inspire growth, and help you develop your interpersonal skills. We called that group, a professional peer network, which includes senior management leaders, women leaders groups, executive-level groups, and more. With this network of peers, we create value professionally and within a business where everyone shares the ambition of making each other better, wherever you are, whatever industry you are in. Currently, we have 14.000 members in 15 countries, representing more than 8.000 businesses and 70 professional areas. This is why the means to technology that connects, interacts, and engages with one another is highly valuable to us. To share his own experience at EGN, is Andrew Shuttleworth, a dear friend and also one of the leaders who chair the meetings at our professional peer groups. We have had the privilege of interviewing him recently.


The new norm allows us access to technologies and the opportunity to utilise them, which prove to be convenient, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions in the long run. It is true, our social and professional interactions will constantly be altered by current circumstances and an unpredictable future. No doubt, we will always crave physical contact and interactions, we are humans after all. However, while connections are made, and will be created through innovative means, the same determination from technologies might allow more breakthroughs for hybrid interactions in the future. That is, priceless.

To find out how you can benefit from joining EGN, book a call with our EGN Community Growth Director and get a free copy of the #1 International Best Selling book today.

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