PR award win for EGN 2021
September 16, 2021

Congratulations to our Managing Director, Nick Jonsson & Pinpoint PR on their 2nd PR award win for EGN in 2021!

This latest win was the highly eminent Sabre PRovoke Award, won by our PR Agency Pinpoint PR, lead by Illka Gobius, for their work promoting Executive Loneliness for EGN Singapore (Executives’​ Global Network). Agencies receive global recognition for these awards, and compete with companies and agencies from across the whole of the Asia Pacific for them.

Apart from the amazing job by Pinpoint PR, much of the honour goes to our co-founder & MD, Nick Jonsson. He told his personal story, advocating for Executives experiencing Loneliness, across the world making it easy for the agency to do their job. The objective of the campaign is to remove the stigma surrounding mental health, something which EGN now is leading the way with in Singapore.

To know more about the award and all the winners, you can see it here:

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