Meet Boon: EGN member and President of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence for the Korea, ASEAN, Pacific, and India regions
April 27, 2022

President of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence for the Korea, ASEAN, Pacific, and India regions, Boon Choon Lim is a member of EGN’s Executive Leadership 2 group chaired by Stijn Welkers. Boon is born and raised in Singapore, and he has over 24 years of leadership experience in multinational corporations under his belt. Nevertheless, he attributes his success to having a trusted network of peers whom he can rely on for support and advice, professionally and personally.

Hexagon AB is a public listed global information technology company specialising in hardware and software digital reality. It was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, headed by Boon, is a division of Hexagon AB that helps manufacturers of precision parts design, manufacture, inspect, and manage the quality and productivity of their products and processes.

“Hexagon is a constantly evolving company. Every year we acquire new companies and we continue to evolve our solutions, not just to make them better, but to connect them better by linking various processes so that our customers can improve their productivity and quality,” says Boon.

As an evolving corporation with many acquisitions like Hexagon, the challenge for leaders is in managing the transition of each company since they each have their own set of company culture, HR practices, salary structure, etc. Not to mention, change management is highly regarded in Hexagon to continually expand its business synergy, creating more value for its employees and customers.

“EGN has been really quite wonderful to me…”

Boon has been an EGN member since early 2021. In Boon’s own words, “EGN has been really quite wonderful to me. In business, networking is super important; it’s important to get to know your customers, but it’s also important to get to know other people that can help you with your business, and then we can help each other.”

“EGN not only provides us with a good platform for getting to know other business leaders, but it also organises many talks where we can better ourselves as a leader and an individual. On the business side, we learn from other members about market expansion into various countries, certain technology trends, etc. On the personal side, there are seminars and webinars about meditation, leadership, and self-management, as well as interest groups like jogging club, book club, and cycling club for members to join!”

“The way EGN is run is really fantastic. Hats off to Nick, Dona, and the rest of the [EGN] team. The way they organise the events are very innovative, and there are so many events,” Boon added.

Boon also expressed his appreciation for the 30 minutes get-to-know-you sessions, which are held in smaller groups, prior to each meeting that allow members to get acquainted with newly joined members. This feature sets EGN apart as it offers a much more intimate and conducive platform for its members to expand their network with like-minded peers.

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