Leading with Kindness and Compassion
January 27, 2022

What does it mean to be a good leader in 2022?


As the pandemic continues to change the way we work and live, people have become more aware of their professional boundaries and ideal lifestyle. Over the last two years, we have learned to take more time for ourselves, be kind to others, and let go of outcomes beyond our control. We have also learned to be kinder and more compassionate — both to others and to ourselves.

It is important that this collective shift is embraced by leaders and reflected in the way they lead others. In 2022, a good leader is one who considers someone’s wellbeing as much as their performance.

Leading with kindness will allow you to care for the people in your organisation and make them feel appreciated. Kindness goes a long way, so by doing this, you will inspire the people in your organisation and increase morale.

Having compassion will help you build more meaningful connections with others. It also helps you to alleviate the stress that many people are facing through these tough times, and people will never forget how you make a difference in their lives.


Leading by example

In 2021, EGN’s Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, was named one of 50 Leading Lights in the inaugural Asia Pacific Kindness & Leadership Awards. Expressing his gratitude for this honour, Jonsson said, “I encourage all the leaders of today and tomorrow, no matter what role or background, to lead with kindness and compassion. Let us put kindness firmly at the centre of our leadership and make the world a better place by promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness.”

Jonsson firmly believes that we need connectivity with others, in order to share our burdens. His journey of executive loneliness gave him empathy for what business leaders experience daily.

“Sadly, not all companies are mature enough to understand or handle the emotional difficulties of their employees… But those who can manage it are well on the way to creating a healthier, more positive organisational culture that is able to support employees and address issues more transparently.

So, how do we practise being a good leader?

1. Put kindness at the centre of your leadership

Firstly, understand that we are all human beings with feelings that are valid. We connect best when we feel appreciated and heard, so as a leader, you should be allowing the people in your organisation to feel appreciated and heard.


2. Be compassionate and supportive

Next, be compassionate. Leading with compassion empowers you to create a wholesome environment and ecosystem that is as healthy as it is supportive. Especially during tough times like these, people will appreciate your compassion and they will never forget your kindness.


3. Commit to being the best version of yourself

You can’t serve others from an empty cup, and this is why staying dedicated to becoming the best version of yourself is what will make you a great leader. By bettering yourself, you will also improve the way you connect with others.


If you would like to meet like-minded and driven leaders or if you know an executive that might benefit from joining our peer groups, do visit EGN to learn more and register!

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