Leadership in 2022, Not a Myth
July 21, 2022

Within the last six months, there has been a significant shift across different industries, specifically on the talent front. Individuals in leadership roles choose to leave their current industry by joining a brand new industry or taking up entrepreneurship. This leaves organisations with the only option but to hire professionals from parallel industries, in some instances bringing in talents from a different background in the hope that the new stewardship will revitalise them with another way of working.

While this poses an opportunity for senior executives to venture out to see if the grass is indeed greener on the other side, it poses a double edge sword; These new leaders may check all the boxes on the core skills required, but many times, there are nuances found exclusively in industries that are unique to them, which mostly is not talked about.

Companies also have mentorship programs in which fellow senior management are assigned to the new employee leaders. Still, one would come to know that some of the insights shared by the mentors are whitewashed, as they do not want to be seen as inexperienced.

How to deal with 17 common leadership challenges

In the article, how to deal with 17 common leadership challenges (https://www.betterup.com/blog/leadership-challenges), there are a few tips on how one would prepare themselves for the new horizon.

1. Look after yourself.

While most would go into the space of self-care, we would also go into the area of social activities with fellow senior executives. This would allow you to recognise that you are in good company and allow yourself to switch off from work mode.

2. Get clear on your role.

You have a clear idea about the role you play within your organisation. Besides hearing from your organisation, give yourself the option to listen to other leaders in a business peer group to see if the role defined is aligned with other industries and if there are areas where you can contribute more.

3. Be authentic.

It is not about letting your hair down but presenting yourself as someone your peers can relate to, and there is no better way than to reflect and learn from your peers.

4. Find support.

This is, in my opinion, the most critical component. While we might find solitude in confiding to friends or business associates towards our challenges, their feedback comes from a space of support, which at most times, is sugar-coated with friendly support. We all need help at times; sometimes, leadership can feel lonely.

5. Use feedback to your advantage.

While getting feedback from the people you work with is valuable, the feedback provided may not necessarily point out crucial areas you use to your advantage. You are getting feedback from another senior executive vested in helping you would equip you with the knowledge to better yourself.

6. Set clear expectations.

A leader’s expectations go beyond the department’s KPI and business goals. There are also organisational goals that are not spoken of but expected. What are they, and are you equipped to deliver on them.

At EGN Singapore, the confidential peer group set you with a community of 40 business leaders in your discipline that would allow you to align your expectation with what the other industries are setting.

With limited resources, for example, the limited number of people you have access to where you can have an honest and confidential conversation. This is the time for you to consider joining a network of senior executives who are all here and have agreed to help and share their knowledge and experience.

While there are many public forums where one can gravitate, most notably on LinkedIn, know that these are public and whatever you share there runs the risk of it being passed on to the wrong people, which might ultimately result in further damage to your career.

At EGN Singapore, we eradicate the need to search for the safe space that allows you to grow into the leader that you are hired to be. Without the risk of presenting a side, you may be deemed not ready.

Are you ready to be part of Asia’s Largest Peer to Peer Network? If you are an executive or know an executive that might benefit from joining EGN’s leadership peer groups, do visit our website to learn more or register now!

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