Launch of EGN Women’s Executive Leadership
April 20, 2021

Research has shown that women leaders are rated as being more effective than males, both before and after the Covid pandemic. This is in spite of the fact that many women leaders have expressed the unfair challenges from stakeholders and society which are placed on them. Furthermore, many women leaders tend to fall short in investing in their professional networks, particularly as the way men network is often different to the way women prefer to network. In the present day, networking events are observed to be traditionally geared towards males.

To fill this gap, we, at EGN Singapore, have listened to our female members, advisory board, and potential members who have asked us to create an Executive Leadership group exclusively for female leaders. We are proud to announce that for our 13th peer group, we are answering the call and are opening up our first Women’s Executive Leadership peer group which will be designed, led, and supported exclusively by women, for women.

This will be a safe space for leadership identity development and to encourage more women to anchor in their leadership purpose.

Leading this peer group as Chairperson is Mette Johansson. Mette is the owner of MetaMind Training. Based on her research and work with clients, she has developed a seven-step framework for Authentic Leadership called “Unmask the Leader Within”.

We caught up with Mette to find out why she had chosen to lead this peer group.

She said: “successful women have a female support network. Unfortunately, women, in comparison to men, don’t network enough, and not strategically enough. I’m very excited to lead the first Women’s Executive Leadership peer group at EGN, where women can network in a confidential and supportive setting to become the best versions of themselves professionally.”

Isabel Alvarez Fernandez, Managing Director of Victor Buck Services Asia Pte Ltd and also a new member of the EGN Singapore Women’s Executive Leadership peer group, added: “any step that will empower women for their business growth is worth taking”.

Corinna Choong, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications at SUTD on why she joined the new Women’s Executive Leadership group, had this to say, “it is a privilege to be given opportunities to advance in our professional careers to leadership positions. Our women network will be a strength to support each other and pay it forward to the next generation of women to maximize their potential”.

Members from this group are women from large or mid-sized Singapore-based companies and include the Managing Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Senior Director of Singapore University of Technology and Design, Managing Director of Accenture, Managing Director of ING Bank, Vice President Jonson & Johnson, Cluster Lead of Nielsen IQ, Director & Head Supply Chain of Zoetis, Head of Sales of Discovery Networks, Senior Principal of Korn Ferry, Global Director of Unilever, Managing Director of Victor Buck and Managing Director Lee Hecht Harrison, and many more.

Members of this group possess global and regional perspectives as they oversee most of their company activities within the areas of sales, business development, strategy, and innovation. The group shares their experience in areas ranging from strategy development to effective execution with a view to identifying “best practice” and creating “next practice.

“I feel very honoured and privileged to be one of the pioneering members of the Women’s Executive Leadership group of EGN. More than ever before, the effectiveness of women leadership qualities and the necessity of the presence of women in corporate and business leadership roles, are acknowledged at large. I look forward to supporting and engaging with both women and men globally, to make a positive impact in this cultural transformation”, says Farzana Shubarna, Director – Global Center of Excellence, Collaborative Manufacturing of Unilever.

Are you a high-achieving female leader who could benefit from having a strong knowledge and experience network?

Or do you know one?

If you would like to meet like-minded and driven women, you may fill up our form here, and our friendly Community Growth Director will reach out to determine how a mutually beneficial membership will work for you.

Find out more about the Women’s Executive Leadership peer group.

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