Launch of EGN Leadership
July 12, 2021

We are proud to announce that for our 14th peer group we are opening up our first Leadership peer group which will be designed to care for their unique needs.

This will be a safe space for leadership identity development and to encourage more young leaders to anchor in their leadership purpose.

Leading this peer group as Chairperson is Eric Sim. Eric has over 25 years experience in banking, risk management, investment banking and more recently as a Professor at leading universities in Beijing, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. He is the founder of Institute of Life (IOL) which he founded with a mission to train professionals to be successful at work and in life.

Members from this group are young leaders from large or mid-sized Singapore-based companies and include the CEO, VP Finance and Corporate Affairs of Space DC, IT Business Partner, East Asia of Stryker Singapore Pte. Ltd., Senior Expert Engineer of Shopee, Head of Wellbeing of Aon Singapore, Sales Director of Vitasoy, Managing Director Asia of Behaviorally (Formerly PRS), Director of Klaveness Asia Pte Ltd, Principal Engineer, Automation of Molex, Founder & CEO of The Water Sommelier Pte Ltd., Principal Manager/Skills Specialist of SkillsFuture SG, Global Director, Planning & Fulfillment of Jabra, IT Director of Trane Technologies, Performance Coach/ Operations of WEAll Youth and many more.

Members of this group possess global and regional perspectives as they oversee most of their company activities within the areas of sales, business development, strategy, and innovation. The group shares their experience in areas ranging from strategy development to effective execution with a view to identifying “best practice” and creating “next practice”.

Are you a high-achieving young leader who could benefit from having a strong knowledge and experience network?

Or do you know one?

If you would like to meet like-minded and driven young leaders, you may fill up our form here, and our friendly Community Growth Director will reach out to determine how a mutually beneficial membership will work for you.

Find out more about the Leadership peer group.

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