Business Networking side discussion on “Why Now is the Time to Buy Into Buy Now, Pay Later”
November 2, 2022

One way to help business leaders navigate the changes and challenges in the market is by forming peer groups or networking groups. These groups provide a forum for sharing best practices, brainstorming solutions to common problems, and networking with other like-minded individuals.

Side discussions are always a crucial part of sharing ideas and topics.

A very hot trend in this period, especially in retail, is a “BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later)” service.

In recent years, there’s been a surge in the popularity of buy now, pay later (BNPL) services. Consumers are attracted to the convenience and flexibility that BNPL offers, while brands see an opportunity to boost sales and capture new customers. But what exactly is BNPL, and why is it so popular? Here’s a look at the reasons behind the BNPL boom.

What is BNPL?

BNPL is a type of financing that allows consumers to purchase items and pay for them over time. There are several different models of BNPL, but the two most common are installment plans and deferred-interest plans. With an installment plan, shoppers make regular payments over a set period of time until the balance is paid off. Deferred-interest plans also involve making regular payments, but if the balance isn’t paid off within a certain timeframe (usually 6-12 months), interest is applied retroactively from the date of purchase.

Why Are Consumers Buying Into BNPL?

There are a few key reasons why BNPL has become so popular with consumers.

First, BNPL offers an alternative to traditional forms of credit, such as credit cards and personal loans. For people who don’t qualify for conventional forms of credit or who want to avoid high-interest rates, BNPL can be a more appealing option.

Second, BNPL gives shoppers more flexibility when it comes to how they pay for purchases. Installment plans, in particular, can help people budget better by allowing them to spread the cost of a purchase over time.

Finally, BNPL can be helpful for people who want to avoid debt or improve their credit scores. By making timely payments on a BNPL account, shoppers can build up their payment history and improve their credit scores over time.

Why Are Brands Buying Into BNPL?

There are several reasons why brands are partnering with BNPL providers to offer financing options to their customers. 

Paypal has been an early adopter of the new payment option and is piggybacking on its already established position as one of shoppers’ favorite ways to pay at checkout. The company created a seamless experience for consumers by building upon its existing presence in order to make it easier than ever before possible – even if you’re buying something small- like $4 worth of product!

Offering BNPL can help brands increase sales by making it easier for shoppers to afford big-ticket items. 

BNPL provides brands with an opportunity to attract new customers who might not otherwise have been able to afford their products or who might have been deterred by high interest rates on traditional forms of credit. 

Finally, by partnering with a reputable BNP provider, brands can improve their reputations and become more customer-friendly. 


There’s no doubt about it: Buy now, pay later is on the rise. Consumers are drawn to the convenience and flexibility of BNPL plans, while brands see an opportunity to boost sales and attract new customers. If you’re considering whether or not to buy into BNPL, now is the time! 

The proven success of early BNPL fintech firms has prompted retailers, brands, and credit card issuers to enter the field, and new partnerships are driving further expansion. 

For this reason, having a solid network of contacts is more important than ever. New providers entering the field, exciting brand partnerships, and an appealing mix of benefits for consumers all indicate that BNPL is likely here to stay.

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