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Options The Edge Article

‘Executive Loneliness’ author Nick Jonsson on building an executive peer networking organisation to address depression at work A global network encourages executives to talk openly about the challenges they face at work, instead of suffering in silence.

The XL Podcast by Graham Brown featuring Nick Jonsson

91% of Singaporeans report feeling stressed. But it’s not just an Asian phenomenon. Globally, we are beginning to have the conversation about mental health and how we’re all affected in some way. The UK appointed its first suicide minister in 2018. And, in...

Portfolio Magazine Singapore, Outlook 2022: Part 5

Our Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, was featured on the latest Portfolio Magazine Singapore, Outlook 2022: Part 5. Nick and other executives are talking about why the pandemic has restored our faith in the indomitable human spirit: A special feature powered by Ferrari.

Embrace talents without labels

Our managing director, Nick Jonsson, gladly shared his views on The Business Times today about how organizations can eliminate gender discrimination in the workplace.  

PORTFOLIO Magazine: Fix the system, not the women in it

A new article on the PORTFOLIO Magazine: Fix the system, not the women in it written by our co-founder, Dona Amelia, has been released. In that article, she shared a memorable story from one of our woman chairs, Farzana Shubarna. It tells us how woman leaders...

The Leadership Habit Podcast featuring Nick Jonsson

Find out “The Leadership Habit” latest conversation with the episode “Executive Loneliness and Mental Health with CEO and Author, Nick Jonsson” On this episode, Nick, EGN Managing Director, was hosted by Jenn DeWall where we discuss a very important topic on how to...

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