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‘Executive Loneliness’ author Nick Jonsson on building an executive peer networking organisation to address depression at work A global network encourages executives to talk openly about the challenges they face at work, instead of suffering in silence.

Career Catharsis: Podcast by Neha Khurram featuring Nick Jonsson

Listen to the podcast of our Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, featuring Career Catharsis with Neha Khurram. In this podcast, Nick talks about how he EGN is matching senior executives in confidential peer groups where they can help each other face challenges and...

Asia Pacific’s 50 Leading Lights On World

We are so honored and grateful that our Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, is recognized as one of the 50 Leading Lights in the inaugural Asia Pacific Kindness & Leadership Listing.  

EGN Celebrates World Kindness Day

It’s World Kindness Day today, and as we celebrate kindness in leadership, we are delighted to announce that our co-founder and Managing Director Nick Jonsson has been named as one of the 50 Leading Lights in the inaugural Asia Pacific Kindness & Leadership...

World Leaders’ Views on COP26

World leaders are due to convene from Oct31 in Glasgow, Scotland, for the UN Climate Change Conference, otherwise known as COP26. The main goal of the conference is to secure a global emissions rate of net-zero by 2050 as proposed by the 2015 Paris Agreement. To...

Business Times View: Manoeuvre with Greater Agility

In his own words, he explained that the lesson we can learn in addressing the supply chain crisis is being able to manage risk and resilience. He highlighted the need for supply chain visibility as a factor to get real insights into what’s happening on the ground...

Business Times View: Thrive and Survive

Our very own Chair of EGN’s Sustainability Peer Group, Ms. Joanne FLINN – the Strategic Sustainability Specialist, has been featured on The Business Times Views from the Top (Oct 11,...

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