Tatler Asia: Power and Purpose, featuring EGN’s member and chairperson
December 17, 2021

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Now that sustainability has been a top concern in many organizations, investors want to find solutions that are beneficial to people and the planet but are also profitable to their businesses. In this article by Tatler Asia, financial experts, top banks, and mutual funds were asked what it looks like to decrease carbon footprint feasibly. It included Hari Ram Kumar RS and Joanne Flinn, EGN Singapore’s member and sustainability peer-group chairperson.

Kumar, also the global head of risk intelligence at Supply Wisdom, mentioned that investors have the upper hand by “voting with their wallets” to choose a greener future. While, according to Flinn, a firm’s environmental, social, and corporate governance score evaluates its collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors, valuing “deep profit.” And to generate deep profit, we must demand transparency, commitment, and accountability, along with clear-cut results from financial institutions.

Discussing pressing issues on sustainability is an area of interest for EGN Singapore. We have a confidential peer group for executives to discuss sustainable practices that bring corporate growth to your businesses. We welcome new members that would like to join the group. Visit https://lnkd.in/exyK2JD to learn more about the membership with EGN.

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