Organization Diagnostic
Organization Diagnostic
Date/Time: 11/23/2022
from 07.00AM - 09.00AM
Organization Diagnostic

EGN invites you to join EGN Regional Virtual Event: Organization Diagnostic by Naresh Makhijani

Date/Time: Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022 at 7am – 9am.

Organization Diagnostic by Naresh Makhijani

Today’s business environment is changing fast. The needs of customers are changing. Todays organizations want to know – how to hold onto customers, improve workplace culture, increase organizational performance, keeping shareholders happy with limited budgets and resources.

With this changing environment, new challenges have been created, blind spots and weaknesses are being uncovered causing the “leakage” of efficiency, operating performance, and economic loss.

A new technology and alignment framework to cope with these changing times was designed and built by a team of experts to provide organizations new tools and training for the COVID era of business.

-What is Organizational Diagnostic?
-Why do companies need it now?
-Understanding the Results of Diagnostics
-Implementing the Alignment Actions
-Benefits of Alignment

About the Speaker: Naresh Makhijani

Mr. Makhijani is an international management consultant and CEO with over 35 years of experience in 14 countries across 3 continents and 150 projects. He has worked with leading companies like GE, Alexander Consulting Group, etc. He is the recipient of Rotary, ADB, NORAD, ISS and IUJ Scholarships. He has written 3 bestselling books available on

07.00 PM: Networking/ Registration
07.30 PM: Webinar starts. EGN introductions and speaker introduction
07.35 PM: Topic of the day
08.35 PM: Q & A and key takeaways
08.55 PM: Meeting ends

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