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Preparing for a Global Recession in 2022

A post-pandemic recovery for Singapore might be out of reach as Prime Minister Lee Sien Loong warns of a possible global recession looming near. These statements stem directly from the concerns about how the war between Russia and Ukraine might set Singapore back...

Networking in a Post-Pandemic Gig Economy

Covid-19 has forever changed how we do business. It changed our relationship with work and how we operate our businesses. As the distance grew between us, building a network that could provide fruitful collaborations became more crucial.

Expanding EGN’s Reach to Indonesia

Wherever they are in the world, leaders will be leaders. Leaders across the globe deal with similar issues and challenges regardless of the industry. In a large and diverse market like Indonesia, leaders need all the help they can get to do and be better. Following...

Portfolio Magazine Singapore, Outlook 2022: Part 5

Our Managing Director, Nick Jonsson, was featured on the latest Portfolio Magazine Singapore, Outlook 2022: Part 5. Nick and other executives are talking about why the pandemic has restored our faith in the indomitable human spirit: A special feature powered by Ferrari.

Leadership Culture: What Does It Mean To Be a Leader?

As a leader, the way you influence your team’s everyday work environment is important. EGN recently caught up with Toyoyuki Ushioda, Senior Vice President of Group Strategic Business Finance in GLP, who shared his values on what it means to be a leader.

Leading with Kindness and Compassion

As the pandemic continues to change the way we work and live, people have become more aware of their professional boundaries and ideal lifestyle. Over the last two years, we have learned to take more time for ourselves, be kind to others, and let go of outcomes...

Pandemic sharpens focus of Investors on Sustainability

The pandemic has sharpened the focus on sustainability amid shifting expectations and a growing realisation in the corporate sector that it can no longer be business as usual. The Harvard Business Review (HBR) reports a sea-change in investor focus, one that...