Multitasking has become a coping strategy. Emails, calls, interruptions from colleagues and officer bustle in general easily distract us.

However, we are less likely to get much done when we continuously switch tasks.

Author, TEDx Speaker and productivity expert, Maura Thomas writes that distractions raise our stress level and can result in a loss of motivation and burnout.

Distraction has become a habit for many of us. And a habit has the power to gain so much strength that we start looking for distractions by ourselves. When things get quiet at home, you have probably also reached out for your laptop or phone to check your emails.

Attention management and deep work

The path to improved productivity does not lie in “time management” but in “attention management” and kicking the distraction habit. “Deep work” is key and has become a sort of superpower, writes Maura Thomas.

Read the full article and get Maura’s three pieces of advice you can easily adapt to increase your productivity in your everyday life.

You can download the Harvard Business Review article here.

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