The Inner CEO: Unleashing Leaders at All Levels by Jeremy Blain
Date/Time: 12/21/2022
from 4pm - 6pm
The Inner CEO: Unleashing Leaders at All Levels by Jeremy Blain
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The Inner CEO: Unleashing Leaders at All Levels by Jeremy Blain

As we continue to focus on the transformation of our business, the scope and scale of the executive leadership task at hand, both strategically and operationally, cannot be underestimated. Leading and managing the multiple, complex and integrated transformational moving parts, often with a binding digital thread, is taking many senior executives on a steep learning curve for the first time in years. In contrast, the rest of the organisation is improving capabilities in the new ways of working, digitally enabled collaboration and communication, adopting Agile and more. The pillars for productive and effective work in modern times. This is naturally narrowing the gap between some individual contributors and their managers and leaders.

In this context, Jeremy’s argument is that one CEO is simply not enough. It is important that we tap into the potential of the many, rather than the few or the one. We can finally bring in a new age of empowerment, so that every person, regardless of their level, is empowered, motivated and supported to contribute to business health and growth, regardless of their job description. Embracing the essence of leadership at all levels requires a mentality shift at both organisational and executive leadership level. Only then are the conditions and culture in the right place for it to happen, enabling individuals to step up beyond their job role. This shift and the need to build momentum behind leading at all levels is at the heart of Jeremy’s new book ‘The Inner CEO: Unleashing leaders at all levels’. It is packed with examples, advice from experts, interviews and brand new, simple-to-implement models to help you fast track the creation of in-role CEO – a more collective approach to organisational leadership and health.

Jeremy will present the scope and scale of the executive leadership challenge through his ‘Triple Now’ model to build the pressure for change and will provide case studies from leaders and businesses successfully navigating the transformational challenges and opportunities they are facing. Jeremy will then provide the blueprint for accelerating success through an age of empowerments covering the ‘what’, the ‘how’ and supported with examples from organisations getting it right…and wrong!

Jeremy Blain
Jeremy is the Chief Executive of PerformanceWorks International (PWI), a modern learning services company that helps organisations, executive boards, leaders, and teams succeed in the digital climate amidst disruption, opportunity, and uncertainty. He combines business transformation expertise, leadership knowledge and commercial success as an international CEO and executive board officer in the UK and Asia, with his experience as a corporate learning and human capital professional of over 25 years.

Jeremy helps leaders and managers define strategies to implement digital and human transformations for the modern workplace, through consulting, modern training techniques and operational coaching. He has been recognised for the third consecutive year by his industry peers and customers, being named International GameChanger© of the year for 2019, 2020 and 2021 in the ACQ5 Global Awards for his work on #digitaltransformation #leadershiptransformation, #HR4.0 and #workforcetransformation.

Jeremy is a regular keynote speaker, researcher, and author of over twenty-five industry white papers. He is also a regular media commentator and has received coverage in high profile publications including Forbes, CEO Today, Medium, The Times of London, Dialogue by DUKE CE, Business Matters, HRM, HR Online, and more.

Jeremy holds a BA (hons.) from Sheffield University, UK; and a Master of Management in International Business (MMgt) from the Australian Institute of Business, Adelaide, Australia; and is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors in London, U.K. (FIoD)

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