With the increasing pressures for sustainability action faced by senior business executives, this EGN peer group brings a safe space for them to discuss their ideas, issues and opportunities to implement sustainability within their organisations.

Why sustainability now?

In the last few years, the world has faced rapid changes with increasing global temperatures leading to extreme weather, rising income inequality, deepening geopolitical tensions, and a global COVID-19 pandemic with a subsequent deep recession. This is felt in Singapore and across this region. These events systemically disrupt existing conditions, affecting our health, environment, society and economies. This disruption is also a catalyst for innovation and sustainability. It enables us to reconsider what we once thought of as fact and reshape how we interact with our environment and generate profit.

Sustainability first surfaced as a corporate strategy following the Stockholm Conference in 1972. However, in most cases, it translated into action around a specific item like reducing the use of paper, eliminating ozone production, or doing something for social responsibility. Then, most business leaders were sceptical about incorporating sustainability into the core of their strategy, seeing it as optional. The last few years have changed this. Today, the scepticism is pretty much gone. Now, sustainability is a management imperative on three dimensions: environmentally, socially and financially, shifting corporate focus toward achieving tangible long-term viability. Sustainable management presents immense opportunities for organisations that seek to thrive in these challenging times.

The pressure for action has accelerated in the last few months following the release of the landmark IPCC report in August 2021. Organisations including NewsCorp and Harvard have reversed their stance on zero carbon emissions and are now pulling their weight by divesting from their investments in mining fossil fuels. Highlighting this axis shift is the term ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance), signalling that the dialogue within and among enterprises is changing to adopting a holistic approach towards achieving carbon neutrality as part of the bigger environmental picture.

The conversation is evolving from maximising what we have to how we can go further to recycle, reuse, save, preserve, or regenerate our environment to meet our needs and the needs of future generations. Where there is profitable prosperity for people and the planet? The newly launched sustainability peer group is driven by people at the forefront of doing that.

​​The Sustainability Peer Group Is Your Peer Group

“Sustainability is a global problem. The scope and scale of the challenge are such that single companies are unlikely to provide the complete solution. Given the scale of the problem, solutions will likely only come through collaboration and joint effort,” says Bill Bryant, a founding member of EGN’s sustainability peer group and a senior executive of a company that is engaged in maritime logistics. “The peer group model provides a very important forum for the open and unfettered exchange of ideas and options. It is also possible for companies in the same industry to discover a common purpose because we share our approach to the issues we all face.”

Chair of the Sustainability Group, Joanne Flinn, says, “I grew up with the Green Revolution around me as my father was a scientist in this field. I firmly believe that today, we in business can make a profit, purpose, and planet work. And as an individual, I’ve burnt out more than once, so I see this peer group as a place where sustainability is as much about you as a leader as it is your business.”

Flinn thinks that sustainability is a strategic imperative for businesses today. Formerly country head of the Financial Services Consulting Practice for PwC and a member of the IT ExCo at DBS, she recently led a strategy project for the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a US$1.5 billion fund. Flinn is also an advisor on international governance and ESG at CPA Australia.

Is this the Peer Group for You?

Are you a high-achieving sustainable executive leader who could benefit from having a strong knowledge and experience network?

The people at the forefront of doing this founded this new peer group at EGN Singapore so that they and you have a place to openly discuss the challenges faced in sustainability and confidentially moot approaches and solutions among peers. Now, as a senior business executive in Singapore, you have a safe space to openly discuss your sustainability challenges and confidentially debate your strategies and solutions among peers.

The Sustainable Peer Group is designed to be a supportive forum for EGN members to divulge and discuss key issues around sustainability, a path to net-zero, risk management, or profit opportunities that confront business owners and SMEs. Many issues that you may face as an executive can be discussed, and shared solutions may develop through examining the key issues. The peer group also helps to address and attains some information that has been missing, identify “best practices”, and create a future framework applicable here in Singapore and Asia.

At EGN Singapore, we provide opportunities to network in confidential peer groups with like-minded peers to discuss the issues that matter to you most in business and facilitate members to share their practical experience from an executive and ownership perspective. It’s a space to make connections with people that can further your career, business agenda and create a knowledge-sharing network. If you are interested in participating in Sustainable Executive Leadership, register now to become a member, and together, we’ll create that better future!

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