Due to the increased demand among entrepreneurs, we are proud to announce that we are opening up our third Business Owner/SME peer group in Singapore which will be designed to care for their unique needs as the demand of networking for business owner leaders becomes higher.

This confidential group provides a supportive forum to uncover and discuss key issues that confront business owners and SMEs. The Chairperson of this peer group is Stijn Welkers, who owns and runs a PC games distribution company and is also an independent advisor in leadership development. Business owners may often find that the issues they really need help with, and the type of discussions they want are of a different level and scale from what their regular employed counterparts face. This group allows members to finally attain the information they have been missing by delving into key issues and developing shared solutions that have been established through experience from an ownership perspective. Members from this group are from small Singapore-based companies and include the Senior Advisor of Turms, Managing Director of JlLayes Consulting, Director of Mixmove, Director of Codestream, Founder of kimbocorp, Founder of INN-Gage, CEO of Relo Network, and many more. The group also regularly share their experience in areas ranging from strategy development to effective execution with a view of identifying “best practice” and creating “next practice”.

Are you a high-achieving business owner leader who could benefit from having a strong knowledge and experience network?Or do you know one?

If you would like to meet like-minded and driven business owner leaders, you may fill up our form here, and our friendly Community Growth Director will reach out to determine how a mutually beneficial membership will work for you.

Find out more about the Business Owner/SME peer group on our page.